Digital code system for loading road salt

October 12, 2021
Saltimport has developed a digital code system to make access to salt during the winter season easier for your employees. In your customer account, you can now simply order and manage codes for drivers who will pick up road salt at Saltimport's 24-hour self-service facilities. The codes will be easily accessible for your company, no matter where in the world you are!
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Log on to, order codes for each individual truck and keep track of salting throughout the season.

This is how self-service salt works:

1. Truck and / or pickup park car at self-service facility

2. Driver enters code and desired amount of salt

3. Truck and / or pickup are filled and can continue driving. Quick and easy!

Your company avoids the administration of cards associated with drivers. In the portal you can request new codes and keep track of existing codes. Here you can also see the amount of salt associated with the codes.

Saltimport will simplify all purchasing processes associated with the salt trade and make information and goods available so that we can be here for you around the clock.

Request codes for self-service systems for salt, easily at

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