We continue to work on reducing our footprint

Saltimport is an active contributor to a modern and sustainable value chain, with the goal of zero emissions in all our logistics processes. Salt is a natural product that comes from the ocean and is returned to the ocean in a natural cycle. Healthy oceans provide healthy salts – the purity of the ocean is part of several UN's sustainability goals that we are actively working towards.

Ocean-friendly suppliers

Environmentally friendly packaging

Reduction of CO2 emissions in the logistics chain

Delivery solutions for the future

Innovative technology

We work closely with the world's largest salt producers, who focus on extracting salt from clean ocean sources. The ocean's resources are not unlimited, we are therefore committed to contribute to limiting emissions and pollution. A clean and healthy ocean is one of the UN's sustainability goals that we are actively working towards. As a supplier of high quality salt, this is key for both us and our customers.

Our team is dedicated to optimizing capacity utilization and sailing routes to our terminals. As part of this effort, we are exploring the platforms of the future for optimization of freight and cargo.

As a step in the right direction towards the UN's sustainability goals - Clean energy for all, we work to develop innovative zero-emission solutions in transport that benefit both our costumers and the environment. Through our project with Viridis Bulk Carriers, we will learn and hopefully in the near future be able to ship salt short-sea on ammonia powered ships.

We will improve our climate accounting reporting and increase our focus on reduced climate emissions. At our terminals, we invest in environmentally friendly alternatives such as all-electric equipment and our products are packed in recyclable packaging via Green Dot Norway.

Saltimport is an inclusive and safe workplace where our employees can grow and develop and where digitalization and artificial intelligence will enable our employees to use their time for innovation and improvement.

We are certified by Debio for production of organic salt and salt-related solutions.

The future is ahead of us.

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