Saltimport's goal is to develop innovative and sustainable solutions for salt

Saltimport is a digital innovator in the raw material market, offering user-friendly solutions and transparent processes for our customers. Through our platform, it is easy to order the correct type of salt – quick and efficiently. We are not satisfied until Scandinavia's salt users can fulfil their salt purchases, track their deliveries and interact with cargo via our platform.

Behind our services, we are a team with comprehensive expertise in salt and logistics. We are proud to be great advisors and contributors to our customers. Through close dialogue with our customers and partners, will we continuously develop our product assortment further and continue to explore new ways to use salt. Our goal is to deliver better solutions and quality tomorrow than we do today.

Because we have over 100 years of experience in delivering salt to all the main industries in Norway, we are still a key challenger in the Norwegian salt market.

We are Salt as a Service. We are Salt*

The present and future processes and industries are dependent on salt, and we are constantly working on developing the innovative products and salt services that the market will need going forward.

We achieve better results in collaboration with others than we do alone. Saltimport will therefore be a driving force for innovation and artificial intelligence in our entire value chain, across players. Through conscious and environmentally friendly choices and data-driven logistics optimization, there will be full transparency in our processes for offering salt and how we operate.

Saltimport aims to further develop a concept for the future, through industrial collaboration based on salt and digitalization. The concept will explore new solutions for production with clean energy and zero-emission transport both at sea and on land.

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