Efficient delivery of fishing salt on Sunnmøre

April 24, 2023
Together with Larsen Transport AS, Saltimport AS ensures efficient and safe delivery of salt to the fishing industry in the Ålesund area and the rest of Sunnmøre.
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Predictability and quality with a fixed supplier

We supply salt to the fishing industry in bulk; pure Mediterranean salt, pure rock salt or a mixture of Mediterranean salt and rock salt in the mixing ratio that you want.

- The fishing industry makes high demands on quality. To maintain this quality throughout the value chain, it is important to have safe logistics and transport partners who know the industry and the product, says Roy Longva, sales manager for fisheries and aquaculture at Saltimport.

Larsen Transport AS is a well-known local carrier in Møre and Romsdal. Larsen Transport has been in the industry for 41 years and knows the area and our customers well. Through the collaboration with Larsen Transport AS, Saltimport ensures predictability and quality in salt delivery. Saltimport also has permanent shipping companies that transport bulk salt from the Mediterranean and from Europe to Ålesund. These shipping companies are specialists in shipping salt and know how to ensure quality.

How does fishing salt delivery work?

Through direct communication with our customers, Larsen Transport AS ensures correct planning and delivery at the right time. With Larsen Transport AS's specially built bulk vehicle, door-to-door delivery is ensured in a closed system.

- With Larsen Transport, we get salt shipped by a conscientious and customer-focused carrier, says Longva.

Are you a saltfish producer who needs food grade salt?

Bulk fishing salt is imported to our terminals in Ålesund and at Vanna outside Tromsø to ensure proximity to our customers. We have a range of salt products for fish processing and fish production, see the range here.

For Mediterranean salt for salted fish, clipfish, farming, RAS and prevention in closed farming systems for fish:

See and order sea salt for fishing here.

For rock salt for whitefish, cutfish, saltfish:

See and order rock salt for fishing here.


For Mixing salt for saltfish, cutfish:

See and order mixed salt for fisheries here.

Do you want more information about the fishing salt delivery?

Talk to sales manager Roy Longva at Saltimport, or contact one of our salt experts on: 55 33 24 00.

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