Hoss-Salt in Farming Increases Fish Production and Reduces Fish Mortality

May 24, 2022
Hoss-Salt for fish farming improves living conditions and fish health. In addition, production can be increased, depending on the viability of existing plants.
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We see great potential in working with and optimizing water quality. This is good for both the environment and fish health, and at the same time it in creases the profitability of production for fish farmers.

We provide a variety of salt for fishery and aquaculture.


Our experience is that the fish grows faster and becomes bigger within a fixed production window using Hoss-Salt. Both the reduced mortality and the increased growth result in a significant increase in production and thus increased turnover and an improved bottom line for breeders. We also see that by using Hoss-Salt, a significant reduction in fish mortality is achieved. This takes place both in the facility on land (RAS facility), and at the transition to facility at sea. We have observed that by using Hoss-Salt, the fish becomes much stronger and more resistant because it has better health and blood counts. This means that the fish feed faster after the transition to the sea and the fish reduces the risk of disease and achieves reduced mortality.

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Hoss-salt improves the profitability

Hoss-Salt surely contains NaCl, but also other trace elements and minerals. The mixture of the various elements in Hoss-Salt is individually adapted to each individual RAS plant and is based on the plant's water source. It is precisely the additives that makes a difference to the fish and ensure optimal growth and better fish health.


Our customers are offered water analyzes performed in Hoss-Salt's laboratory, so that we, together with you, find which trace elements must be added for optimal water quality and thereby the correct values ​​for the fish. We offer you guidance and meetings about your fish farm so that their operation can be optimized by using Hoss-Salt and thus reduce mortality, improve fish health and increase the profitability of your production.


Hoss ApS has many years of experience and documented the results from fish farms and larger public aquariums.


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