Record-breaking salt delivery to Rogaland

April 19, 2023
The ship MV La Louise unloaded approximately 30,200 tons of road salt in a single delivery last week. The salt was delivered to the Saltimports terminal in Risavika, Rogaland, which is operated by Westport AS, and is likely the largest salt delivery to Norway in history.
Photo by:
Kristian Løvaas, Westport

"The market deserves competition, and this new terminal in Risavika will be the largest salt terminal in Norway. It will function both as a delivery warehouse for the entire Rogaland county, but also as an emergency storage for salt in Norway," says Andreas Magnus Grimelund, sales manager for road, food, and industry at Saltimport.

Norway is entirely dependent on imported salt since the country does not have the appropriate climate to produce these quantities itself. Approximately 1.2 million tons of salt are imported into Norway annually.

Rogaland is significant for Saltimport

Values are created in all industries in Rogaland. Therefore, Rogaland is an important area of focus for Saltimport.

"Rogaland has a long-term and forward-thinking vision within our main segments - fisheries and aquaculture, food industry and agriculture, infrastructure and roads, as well as oil, gas and green innovation. We want to be a full-fledged and local supplier of salt to all of these industries," says Grimelund.

Saltimport has a strategy of 100% presence for all our customers who need salt and salt-related products for their business.

Salt for all industries and businesses in Rogaland

The record-breaking boat delivery unloaded sea salt for snow melting, and ice removal for the roads. This ensures safe driving conditions on the roads in Sandnes, Stavanger, Karmøy, Haugesund, and the rest of Rogaland this winter. In addition, this delivery ensures that the rest of Norway has enough road salt this winter.

Read more about how salt is used on winter roads here.

In addition to road salt, customers can also get salt for, among other things, oil and offshore and the food industry at the new terminal in Risavika outside Stavanger. The new terminal also gives Saltimport better opportunities to achieve its goals for sustainable delivery of salt - with a shorter transport route and the need for fewer imports.

"We have good cooperation with many customers in Rogaland today. We want to strengthen this and serve in a sustainable and economically optimal way for both parties. We know that there are many customers we still do not have a dialogue with, and the potential is significant," says Grimelund.

Record delivery with sea salt from Tunisia

The ship named MV La Louise carried 30,200 tons of road salt that was unloaded in Risavika near Stavanger. At the same terminal, we receive boats of all sizes and with different types of salt qualities.

Focus on emergency preparedness and sustainability

The world situation in recent years has taught us the importance of always having an emergency stock that can serve the industries in Norway that consider salt critical to their production. The terminal in Risavika is therefore also built as a security for salt storage in Norway. Stavanger was considered the most sustainable location, well placed for receiving ships from all continents.

European countries mainly import salt from Spain and Tunisia. Saltimport chooses salt from Tunisia because it has the highest quality. The salt comes from Tunisia and is of the type sea salt produced in salterns. Shallow land pools are filled with clean seawater from the Mediterranean. The warm climate ensures that the water evaporates, leaving only the salt. The sea salt is then harvested from these pools, resulting in a highly sustainable and environmentally friendly production.

Read more about our sustainability and environmental goals here.


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