Benefits Of Animal Feed Salt in Agricultural Production

May 23, 2022
Salt is an important supplement to animal feed. Salt maintains the mineral balance of the animals at the right level and keeps them healthy. It is recommended to choose rock salt because this type of salt is fine-grained and contain a high hygienical standard.
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Animal Feed Salt for Intake of Extra Minerals

Animals do also need vitamins and minerals in the daily food supply. Sodium is important for central nervous system function, while chloride regulates the balance of acids and bases in the stomach. Together, these two important nutrients keep fluid balance at the right level.


Lack of Salt in Animal Feed?

By using animal feed salt as a dietary supplement, the animals get the necessary minerals. Salt deficiency can occurt hrough feeds that have too little sodium, one-sided fertilizer application of crops or grass and high-quality hay. Lack of salt can have serious consequences for animal health. Muscle cramps, stiff fur and decreased appetite are just a few of the consequences of salt deficiency. It can be provided as a lick block or as an additive in the feed but can also be used as an affordable preservative in grass and corn silage.


Additional Benefits

Salt gives the food taste, and it stimulates the animals' appetite.

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