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September 6, 2021
For more than 100 years, Saltimport has been one of the main players in the Norwegian saltmarket. We are in the process of modernizing our business and have recently completed a significant step to simplify the process of purchasing salt for you as a customer.
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This has been done through the launch of our online platform, www.salt.no.

By using this platform, you and your company can easily order salt as required.

You will no longer need to contact us via e-mail or by telephone to order salt, but these channels of communication will obviously still be available as well.

Our ambition is that you can order salt through this platform by yourself, whilst our customer service team is ready to assist you if needed.

This way, we can increase the effectiveness of the value-chain and ensure that your needs as a customer are taken care of.

You can easily get your company registered at www.salt.no, or contact customer service at + 47 55 33 24 00 if assistance is needed.

Saltimport are proud to be a supplier of such an important commodity for the key industries in Norway, and we look forward to bringing you along in this next chapter.

Saltimport is Salt*. We are Salt*, Saltimport and Salt*.no.

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