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June 21, 2022
What does a typical working day look like in Saltimport's customer service department? If you continue reading, we will let you know! We have asked four of our colleagues how they spend their working hours.
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As a customer service employee at Saltimport they have a central function in the organization. The people who work here are key for almost all processes within the company and with our customers. They serve all incoming inquiries in the customer portal, phones, and e-mail, and say that no days are alike. What stays the same is their main task which is to help all our customers get the salt they need, when they need it.

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Customers in most industries

Many people are surprised when they discover how many uses salt has in Norway.  

- Salt has a large area of ​​use, which means our customer base is also diverse. We have customers in most industries such as road and industry, fishing industry, food production and agriculture, says Angelica Glad who works in the department.

The ordering process streamlines the work

Saltimport's new customer portal streamlines orders both for customers and how the department works. This means that communication flows well, it is simple and clear, and all information is clearly stated. The employees have direct and transparent communication with the customer where the customer has access to information about their order and status.

- We are people who works in the office and provides customer care, unlike a robot-agent. This makes it a common understanding of problems, and easier to adapt to each other, Julia Jensen adds.

- Our customer portals are simple and intuitive which allows you to order salt from where you are, to where you want, at any time, Daniel Lien emphasizes.

Salt for both summer and winter

We asked the team what is the coolest thing they have learned about salt? Everyone agreed that what surprised them the most was how salt is not only used on the roads in winter to melt snow and ice, but that it is also used for dust binding in summer. Daniel Lien was surprised by the large amounts of salt that is used in the fishing industry, for example in Møre and Romsdal and along the entire Norwegian coast.

Common tasks

The customer service department assists customers with guidance and delivery as needed. They receive and process orders, arrange transportation, and ensure that the terminals know what and how much to deliver. They also help answering everything customers may be wondering about and help answer financial questions about the customer's invoice and products.

- Customers are almost always curious about price. There are many potential customers who are unsure of which products are best suited for their purpose, and want information about the various products, as well as shipping and delivery. And of course, we help them with that. We help our customers from A to Z, says Oskar Ulstein.

Jobs at Saltimport

Saltimport's customer service team is concerned with the flow of knowledge and innovative solutions within the team. The team is dynamic, and each employee is allowed to develop and are given great value. We are always looking for employees who are interested in working in the commodity trade and who can help make us better.

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