Salt and sugar mixture extends the shelf life of fish and roe

April 25, 2023
With a special blend of salt and sugar (also known as Sasomix), you can extend the shelf life and enhance the flavor of fish and roe. Sasomix is used for salting cod roe, curing salmon, processing salmon and trout, and caviar production, among other things.
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What is Sasomix?

Sasomix is a salt and sugar blend in various mixing ratios used for the processing of roe and fish. The mixing ratios between salt and sugar vary, but contain the highest proportion of salt.

At Saltimport, we customize the recipe for the mixing ratio according to your needs and application. The different mixing ratios vary based on the intended use of Sasomix. However, we have a standard blend of 33% sugar and several special blends of 10% sugar and upwards. The salt used is vacuum salt/PDV or granular salt. You choose the type of salt.

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Advantages of salt and sugar blends for fish:

  • Prolongs shelf life/Preserves
  • Balances the taste
  • Bacteriostatic

How we produce Sasomix:

Sasomix is produced for various purposes at our terminal in Ålesund. Terminal Manager Sindre Eide controls the production process and describes it like this:

"Production takes place inside the hall under controlled conditions. The plant consists of two hoppers, or containers, of sugar and salt. Salt and sugar are mixed precisely according to a given recipe. Each production has its own batch number, ensuring traceability of the mixture all the way to the customer. This meets the strict requirements for use in food production."

Salt and sugar are mixed in a screw that feeds the salt into a large tank. The salt is then tapped into bags at the bottom of the tank and weighed to achieve precise weight. The salt blend is produced by us, and the mixing ratio is adjusted to the customer's requirements.

Sindre adds that Sasomix comes in 24 kg bags or 1000 kg bags and can be picked up from our terminals in Ålesund, Bergen, or Vanna. If you want the goods delivered, we can arrange that too.

How to prepare fish with Sasomix?

A common mixing ratio for dry salting fish meat is 30% sugar and 70% salt. Unlike brining, where salt and sugar are dissolved in water, we sprinkle a dry mixture around the fillet. This causes the salt and sugar to draw water out of the fish, resulting in a firmer texture. At the same time, water activity in the fish meat will decrease, acting as a bacteriostatic agent. The mixture will also penetrate the fish meat and provide flavor. It is common to have sugar in the salt blend to smoke the fish before serving, and then the sugar will balance the smoke flavor and taste.

Preservation methods for processing roe

The most common methods for processing roe are to add salt or a mixture of salt and sugar. After the salt blend is added, the roe is stored in barrels and prepared to undergo the maturation process. The duration of the roe's storage in the mixture varies, but buyers often have clear demands regarding the method and quality.

Do you have any questions about Sasomix?

If you have any questions regarding Sasomix, price, or delivery, please contact us! We tailor the best solution for you and your needs.

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