Salt for Food Production in Norway

May 19, 2022
The food industry in Norway is dependent on imported salt for its production and has a long tradition of using salt whether it is salt for baking, cheese production, flavoring, food preservation, or preservation of meat or fish. 
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‍Increased Domestic Production

The largest producers of food and food in Norway see an ever-increasing need to cover domestic demand and exports of goods abroad. In recent years, there has also been a flourishing of entrepreneurs and companies who want to produce food and gourmet, which previously had to be imported.

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Saltimport wants to contribute to increased domestic production and supports industries in Norway that aim to increase the production of short-distance food. Through increased focus on sustainability and the environment, cured meats, sausages, spices and spice mixes, ham, sheep and cattle can be treated and preserved with salt in a proper way. Saltimport develops in collaboration with the Norwegian Food Safety Authority and aims to be a contributor to safe food production. We are therefore Debio certified for organic production of food salt and sugar and deliver to Debio certified producers of food production.


‍Different Types of Salt in Food Production

In the production of food and dairy products, mainly vacuum salt, also called finely refined salt or Pure Dried Vacuum Salt (PDV) is used. The salt is very hygienic and has a fine degree of granulation which is well suited both as a flavoring and in brine. Furthermore, we offer other types of salt in different degrees of grinding for spices and cured meats such as Tipo 3 and Siede Speisesalz m.m. Some customers want salt with a very fine degree of grain, and for that we recommend Microfine or Extrafine. This salt is for use in products like cream and butter production. Nitrite salt is often used as an additive in meat production to preserve the natural red color of the meat.


It is important for our customers that Saltimport's products have the highest quality and that the goods are delivered at the right time. We therefore collaborate with the largest and best suppliers of salt in the world.


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