What is Sodium Bicarbonate and what is it used for?

April 29, 2022
Sodium bicarbonate is best known as a type of baking powder, but the fact is that sodium bicarbonate is an important additive mineral in the production of all food produced in Norway. Sodium bicarbonate goes by several names such as Sodium, Sodium bicarbonate, Sodium Bicarbonate, and NaHCO3. But what do these names have in common and what are they used for?
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Sodium bicarbonate is a versatile salt mineral used in food production, agriculture, the chemical industry and in pharmaceutical production. In this article we will inform about this fascinating salt mineral which has an important function in several large industries.

What isSodium Bicarbonate?

Sodiumbicarbonate is a versatile salt mineral used in the production of food, fishfeed and fish health, animal feed, pharmaceuticals, flue gas desulphurisationand specialty chemicals. Our partner is the world's fourth largest producer ofsodium bicarbonate with more than 200,000 MT annual production throughoutEurope and Asia. Sodium bicarbonate is produced by synthetic route usinglimestone, brine and carbon dioxide.


AreSodium and Bicarbonate the same?

Sodium,Bicarbonate and Sodium Bicarbonate are the same product. Bicarbonate has longbeen known by various names; baking powder, bread salt, baking salt and sodabicarbonate. Traditional baking powder is available in most stores.


Sodiumbicarbonate for quality of animal feed and fish health

The use ofsodium bicarbonate in animal feed provides direct benefits for the producer'sprofitability through increased production of (poultry) eggs, faster growth ofbroilers (poultry), improved milk production in cattle, faster growth inlivestock and water products especially associated with farms, RAS facilitiesand fish health.

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Improved productivity is not at the expense of animal health; Because bicarbonate actsas a buffer to avoid acidosis, it also provides a chloride- and sulfur-freesodium diet.

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Sodium Bicarbonate for Nutrient Quality

Sodium bicarbonateas a food grade has an unsurpassed whiteness and superior impurity profile. Itis used as a leavening agent in biscuits, breads, cakes and confectionery andacts as a buffer and carbonating agent in beverages, electrolytes andrehydration solutions. Also used for beer brewing process.


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Technical quality

Technical qualitysodium bicarbonate is a powder alkali intended for general applications such aschemical synthesis, dyes, leather, fire extinguishers, water treatment, plasticmolding. It is not intended for use, directly or indirectly, related toconsumption.

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Medical quality

Sodiumbicarbonate of medical grade is manufactured and certified to meet allrequirements of the pharmaceutical industry. It is manufactured in anFDA-approved facility under a strict quality management system.


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