Why is Salt a Critical Raw Material in the Production of Whitefish and Clipfish?

The Norwegian fishing industry has for generations produced and exported millions of seafood meals to the whole world. The fishing industry in Norway is innovative and part of the solution for sustainable food production in the world. Salt is a critical raw material for fish processing.
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Salt is a key ingredient in the finished products in an industry that annually accounts for a total export value of over NOK 105 billion. Saltimport has over 100 years of experience with deliveries and product development of salt to the fishing industry. We are proud to be an important contributor and supplier in the production of, among other industries, salted fish and clipfish. Together with the industry we have adapted and developed salt products that are well suited to the production of conventional whitefish and other products.


We import salt to our own terminals along the entire Norwegian coast and distributes the salt to customers throughout Norway and other countries around. Fishery salt is mainly imported to our terminals in Ålesund and on Vanna just outside Tromsoe to ensure proximity to our customers.

Sea Salt, Rock Salt and Mixed Salt

It is mainly sea salt and rock salt that are being used in the production of salted fish and clipfish. In addition to this, Saltimport produces and delivers customized recipes for mixed salt, which is a combination of sea salt fishing and rock salt fishing. The recipes for mixed salt are defined by our customers and each recipe is adapted to the customer's specific quality needs and preferences.


For our customers, it is important that the salt we deliver has top quality and good logistics and delivery security. We therefore work with the leading producers of salt in the world.


The fishing industry is good at utilizing the entire raw material, and Saltimport also produces and delivers salt for further distribution of by-products such as salt and sugar mixture (Sasomix) and finely refined vacuum salt for roe.


Feel free to read about our product range or contact one of our salt experts at: +47 55 33 24 00.

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