Why salt is a vital mineral ?

Why does the body need salt to function?
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Salt is vital for humans and animals because it contributes to a normal musculoskeletal system. Sodium is a mineral that is important for maintaining body fluid composition. Ordinary table salt contains sodium in the form of salted sodiumchloride, and together with processed food is the most common source of sodium.


·        Sodium maintains the proper composition of bodyfluids. This means that sodium, among other, ensures that we have the right balancein fluid and that the acid and base balance is correct.


·        Sodium is important for the transmission of nervesignals and muscle contractions.


Common sources of sodium

As mentioned, salt is the way we get sodium, and the biggest source of salt is usually semi-finished and processed food. As much as three-quarters ofthe daily salt intake comes from these food groups.


Another important part of our salt intake comes directly from salting. It can be either when you prepare the food, or by salting the food when you eatit. To reduce salt intake, the best tip is to cook as much food as possible from scratch. For example, there is usually three times as much salt in purchased bread as in home-baked bread. Bread is one of the biggest sources of salt next to meat products. Therefore, individuals ingest a relatively large amount of salt when they consume these products.


Other good sources of sodium in your diet are:


·        Smoked meat and cured meats

·        Ready-produced meat and fish products

·        Breakfast cereal

·        Saltwater fish and shellfish

·        Butter and margarine

·        Baking soda

·        Broth

·        Cheese

·        Bread


What happens if you don´t consume enough sodium?

How much salt does the body needs per day? The Norwegian Directorate ofHealth recommends not ingesting more than 5 grams of salt a day (approx. 1teaspoon). Often it is ingested twice as much. It is rare to have too little salt in the body, but it can happen with extreme sweating or diarrhea. If you have diabetes or kidney disorders, you are as well more at risk.


The symptoms of too little salt in the body (sodium deficiency) are often numerous and diffuse and vary depending on the severity. Examples of sodium deficiency symptoms:

·        Dry mouth

·        Nausea and headache

·        Weakness and lethargy

·        Muscular cramps

·        Low appetite

Salt tablets can be used to replace salt loss and prevent lethargy incase of heavy, - sweating or diarrhea. Supplements with salt tablets shouldonly be used on the recommendation of a doctor. Some medications lower the potassium content of the blood, especially some types of diuretics and cortisone preparations. If you are taking this type of medication, you may wantto check with your doctor before taking potassium supplements.

What happens if you consume too mutch Sodium?

If you ingest too much salt, the risk of developing disease mayincrease. This can lead to:

·         High bloodpressure

·        Various cardiovascular diseases

·        Stroke

Acute severe salt poisoning can, in worst case, be fatal.


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