Sea Salt - Production Based on Natural Energy

May 23, 2022
Sea salt is one of the products we have delivered to our customers since 1915, and today we distribute sea salt from terminals strategically located along the Norwegian coast. The sea salt we offer is produced in the Mediterranean, Spain, Tunis, Italy and Egypt.
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Sea Salt Ensures Efficient Snow melting and Safe Roads

Sea salt for roads is used in large parts of Norway and contains a small amount of anti-caking agent (100 mg /kg) which ensures that the salt does not clog the equipment of the spreaders. The salt is thus well distributed on the roads and works optimally for melting snow and ice to ensure safe conditions on the roads.


Our salt expert, recommend sea salt for snow melting as the relatively coarse degree of grain in the road salt means that the salt stays on the road for a long time and gives a lasting, good effect. Road salt dissolves more slowly than for example rock salt, which is a preferred road salt in some parts of the country.


We offer road salt in bulk, 25 kg bags on pallets, and 500 kg or 1000 kg big bag. Sea salt for the road works well at temperatures down to -6 degrees celsius. For temperatures down to -40 degrees celsius, we recommend Calcium Chloride.

Calcium Chloride is also the most sustainable product and works 10 times better than sea salt.


Cleaner Sea Salt for Optimized Fish Health

Sea salt for fish has been used by the fishing industry in Norway for more than 100 years. The sea salt for the fisheries is a cleaner product than the De-Icing salt and undergoes a washing and spinning process before it is completed. Sea salt for fishery has a very low amount of anti-caking agent added, which is approved by the Norwegian Food SafetyAuthority. Degrees of purity / whiteness are very important for salted fish and clipfish producers as well as fish farmers in Norway, as this is used as a measure of the quality of the fish in many markets.


In recent years, land-based farming based onRAS technology (Recirculating Aquaculture Systems) shot speed. This involves purifying water so that large amounts of the same water can circulate inside the tubs. In this way, water consumption is reduced and salt will be added at its own discretion. Saltimport is a leader in advising on the use and addition of salt for fish farming. We work closely with the Faroe Islands and Iceland to stay up to date on salt for fish farming. In the Faroe Islands, salt is used in all smolt plants for habituation to the sea and for optimization of fish health before release into the sea. Developments are moving in the same direction in Iceland.


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