Why Choose Calcium Chloride for Dust Binding and De-Icing?

May 23, 2022
Calcium Chloride has traditionally been the most common dust binder on Norwegian roads, construction sites and on concrete surfaces. Calcium Chloride is special because it is hygroscopic. 
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The chlorides in the salt have the ability to absorb moisture, which is the very reason why this salt works so well for dust reduction for road maintenance in the summer and winter time. We therefore always recommend Calcium Chloride to achieve the best effect for dust collection, as it gives a very good long-term effect that normally lasts over the summer.

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Some of the Benefits of Calcium Chloride are:

- Approx. 16% more active ingredients than Magnesium Chloride

- Approx. 30% less emissions of chlorides in nature than Magnesium Chloride- each car can drive twice the distance

- Half the amount of bags to handle ‍


Magnesium chloride (or MG Kombi) which is also used for the same purpose, however, has only 47% active substance, while Calcium Chloride (also referred to as CC Road flakes) has 77%. Calcium Chloride thus has a significantly higher proportion of active substance than Magnesiumchloride. Calciumchloride therefore binds more strongly to moisture and dust.


Calcium chloride is excellent for winter maintenance on extremely cold days and works very well at temperatures from -6 to -40 degrees celsius. At temperatures below -6 degrees, ordinary road salt will not be appropriate. Calcium chloride will work 10 times better and will normally be up to 72 hours on the road. Magnesium Chlorides are not as effective and only work down to -18 degrees celsius.


We would also like to stress that calciumchloride is the most sustainable product as a road contractor reduce emissions in nature by 30%, compared to magnesium chloride.


1 Big-Bag with Calcium Chloride Replaces 2 Big-Bags with Magnesium Chloride

As Calcium Chloride has more active substances than other products, the product costs more than for example Magnesium Chloride. On the other hand, you save up to 50% use per kilometers so that the total cost will be lower by using Calcium Chloride.


Our recommendation for dust binding and de-icing

We recommend Calcium Chloride for dust binding and De-Icing. Feel free to read about our product range for de-icing and road maintenance or contact one of our salt experts on telephone: +47 55 33 24 00.

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