What Types of Road Salt are Suitable for De-Icing during Winter?

May 23, 2022
In the cool winter climate in the Nordic countries and Norway, salting for road maintenance and snowmelt is necessary to maintain the safety of motorists and road users on the highways. From Lindesnes in the south to the North Cape in the North, many hundreds of thousands of tons of road salt are used annually to prevent accidents on everything from motorways to cycle paths. 
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Our customers are both large and small private road contractors, construction machinery contractors and municipal and state actors who transport and sprinkle salt on the motorways in Norway. Saltimport has over 100 years of tradition of offering De-Icing salt to customers whose task is to salt, and to maintain the requirements set by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration for road safety. Building materials chains, petrol stations, housing associations and caretakers also need road salt in big sacks and 25 kg sacks on pallets to meet the demand during winter.

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Different types of salt for different purposes and temperatures

Sea salt is the most used road salt for melting ice in winter and accounts for most of the salt used on roads in Norway. A coarser degree of grain is used for road salt to give better effect and duration. Sea salt is largely imported from the Mediterranean and transported in bulk vessels to Saltimport's terminals in Bergen, Oslo, Trondheim, Stavanger, Ålesund and Troms.

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At colder temperatures in northern Norway, rocksalt has been the preferred product among many of our customers. Rock salt is extracted from mines and is naturally dry. Therefore, rock salt will be able to withstand a lower freezing point.


Road salt can also be mixed with water to produce brine that is spread on the road or to bind dust on cold days in dry conditions. The use of brine in Norway has increased in recent years so that contractors can quickly and efficiently salt the road network in the large cities in Norway. Brine is evenly distributed over the road surface and works immediately.


Order road salt in advance

The winter season in Norway usually starts in October and it is therefore recommended to start thinking about salt before the first nightfrost arrives. We therefore recommend that our customers order salt in September, so we together can prepare for the winter. Feel free to read about our product range or contact one of our salt experts at: +47 55 33 24 00.

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