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April 19, 2023
Anleggsgartner Jans Hageservice has been a customer of Saltimport for over 17 years. We had a chat with Anders Fosse Hopland, foreman/site manager and winter maintenance manager, to hear about his experience with us as a supplier of de-icing salt.
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"We find that all communication with Saltimport is easy, and we get the help we need when we want it. It is very practical to be able to order road salt when you want, and from wherever you want," says Hopland.

A loyal customer of salt for over 17 years

Jans Hageservice is a landscape gardening company that delivers quality outdoor spaces to municipalities, large and small contractors, builders, and private individuals. They mainly use salt for winter maintenance to ensure safe travel on construction sites. This includes industry and housing cooperatives for internal use, and other customers' projects. 

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Jans Hageservice was established in 1984 as a personal company, and was re-established as a stock company in 1987, as a training company. Their market is mainly centered in Bergen, but they also take on assignments in the outskirts such as Os, Sotra, Askøy, Nordhordland and the areas around and towards Vaksdal. They work in an industry that is undergoing significant development, and are seeing an increased demand, as well as interest in outdoor spaces both in the public and the private sector.

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What products do you buy from Saltimport?

"With regard to the fact that we use salt for winter maintenance, it is mainly road salt. Previously, we mainly bought in bulk/loose weight, but we have now switched to buying more in big bags/BB, and some in 25 kg bags on a pallet," says Hopland.

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He continues to say that it depends on where they are going to use the salt. In some cases, it is more convenient with small bags as they are easier to handle, but they also sometimes buy bulk through the self-service plant as needed. The big bags and pallets are great for storage.

During the winter season, they also buy calcium chloride for use where there is concrete cover. Here, their experience is that this works much better, and the concrete is not damaged as it can be with regular road salt.

What are the biggest benefits of using Saltimport for road salt?

"We find that all communication with Saltimport is easy, and we get the help we need when we want it," says Hopland.

He also adds that the Salt Portal for ordering road salt is a big advantage. For example, when he is out working at night, or outside regular working hours, he can easily monitor the inventory and then place an order that can be quickly picked up the next day.

"Very practical to be able to order when you want and from wherever you want. I mostly use my mobile phone to order, as I work outside a lot and a little inside," says Hopland.

What do you think of the customer portal?

"Practical and easily accessible, easy to use, clear and easy to understand. Easy to find the products," concludes Hopland.

Visit our customer portal for salt ordering here.

Salt-guarantee for road salt

Saltimport has a Salt-guarantee for its customers, and does its utmost to deliver when the customer wants it. We know that our customers need road salt on short notice, and therefore we always have products available so that we can deliver quickly and easily. Our customer service team is always ready to serve you as a customer.

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